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Inmidtown Information Kiosk

This is it!  My last day in London.  I wanted to spend some time outside, despite the crazy weather, in the midst of the busy city.  Free walks are offered by Inmidtown, beginning at their kiosk just outside the Holborn tube stop.  Today’s tour featured central London sites that were associated with the suffragettes, including several places where various suffrage groups were headquartered.

This building on Kingsway served as one of the headquarters of The Women’s Social and Political Union.

Our tour guide, Aly Mir, gave us a general history of the women’s suffrage movement in Great Britain.  We forget that women have had the right to vote for less than 100 years.  The effort to get that right was lengthy and often ugly.  In Great Britain and the US, the women won the right after World War I, but many nations did not grant women the right to vote until much later.

Although today’s kooky weather meant that one minute the sun was shining brightly and the next minute it was pouring rain, these walks are an interesting way to see the city by focusing on one aspect of its multi-layered history.

Tomorrow:  HOME!!