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I’ve heard about yarn bombing, where knitters and crocheters engage in graffiti-like activities around different cities, covering all kinds of things with yarn.  Today, I came across an art gallery that featured works by a crochet artist called Olek.  Originally from Poland, she is now based in New York.  Stepping into this gallery was like entering a psychedelic landscape where everything was covered with yarn.

Olek's work at Tony's Gallery in the East End

Can you see the girl sitting at a table with a telephone?  My knitting seems so ordinary in contrast!

Across town, I saw some more unusual art.  Have you ever heard of a chewing gum artist?  Ben Wilson creates small paintings on old chewing gum.  He has several works outside the Royal Academy of Art.  Just look down on the sidewalk!

Chewing gum art

And finally, I saw some more of the Faberge Easter Eggs around town, including a giant gilded chocolate egg in Fortnum and Mason’s window and one call the Fantastic Peter Faun in a bookstore.

Fantastic Peter Faun egg