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I didn’t know that the Pillsbury Doughboy had some colorful cousins.  I wanted to poke their tummies!  Sina was visiting us for the weekend, and we found this sculpture near Marble Arch.  Actually, it is called The Jelly Baby Family and was created by Mauro Perucchetti as part of the 2010-2011 City of Sculpture Festival.

Marble Arch is much smaller than what I had imagined.

Sina at Marble Arch

According to Wikipedia, Marble Arch was originally designed in 1825 as a ceremonial entrance to a courtyard of Buckingham Palace.  It was dismantled and moved to its current location in 1850.  Though popular legend says it was too small for the State coach, it was relocated when the Palace courtyard was enclosed.

Nearby is the Animals in War Memorial.  This monument is very moving.  My mother’s family had horses that were drafted in World War II, and the family was devastated to lose them.

Animals in War Memorial, Hyde Park

On Saturday, Sina and I enjoyed walking around Camden Market.  This series of markets is located in a charming area along Regent’s Canal.  It is huge, with stalls that seemed to go on and on forever, providing a little bit for everyone.  This area is known for its edgy shops – tattoos, piercings, goth clothing, techno gear – but it offers more than that, too.  It reminded me of the markets of Dubai, but without the super aggressive sellers.

Camden Town shops

Strolling along in Camden Market

More stalls this way

Stalls along Regent's Canal

Camden Lock