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After days of clouds and/or rain, we finally had a sunny day on Monday.  We were tired of visiting museums, so Anna and I decided to explore Regents Park.  I thought winter would mean that the gardens would be boring.  Although I’m sure they are more beautiful in the spring and summer seasons, the formal plantings were still interesting and pretty, offering varied foliage and cold-loving flowers.  Even the fountains were still operating.

We walked around the little lake, enjoying the many different birds.  We even saw some ring-necked parakeets.

Ring-necked parakeets

We saw many dogs along our walk.  Both Anna and I missed Rosie, so we decided to head to Harrod’s to see if they had any dog costumes on sale.  Unfortunately, we didn’t find anything that we liked in the pet department, but we did find that Harrod’s had a Ladurée shop that sells those yummy macarons.  We couldn’t resist!