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So now I get to be the tour guide…

Took the girls to see Westminster Abbey.  It really is an impressive place.  I wish I could linger a little longer inside as the audio tour seems to hurry you along.  Perhaps I have to return for one of their special tours or a service.  I spent a little extra time inside Henry VII’s Chapel, marveling at the sculptures, the intricate and funny carvings called misericords (you can read about them here), as well as the graffiti in the stalls.

Some more atmospheric photos:

Anna and I also visited Kensington Gardens to pay special homage to Peter Pan.

Anna's homage to Peter Pan

When I visited Kensington Gardens before, the Italian Gardens were closed.  On this visit, they were open again, so we could see the beautiful fountains.

We also made a detour to Harrod’s to drool over the cupcakes and other goodies in the food hall, and wander through some of the other departments.  While I fantasized in the pet department about dressing up Rosie as a gingerbread man,

Anna was dreaming about dancing with large teddy bears.