After watching the Lord Mayor’s Show on Saturday, Michael and I went into St. Paul’s Cathedral.  As part of Saturday’s celebration, entry was free.

Nave of St. Paul's Cathedral

I convinced Michael to climb the steps to the dome.  First we reached the Whispering Gallery, where a whisper against the wall at one end of the gallery can be heard clearly around the dome at the other side.

Looking through the railing of the Whispering Gallery, St. Paul's

The dome of St. Paul's from the Whispering Gallery











Then we continued up another set of narrower stairs to reach the exterior walkway.  We had views all around London.

Here’s one panorama looking to the east of St. Paul’s.  The building marked with an arrow is the Broadgate Tower, where Michael’s firm is located.

And another panorama looking to the south and the River Thames:

In this photo, you can see the spectators lined up for the return of the Lord Mayor’s Show.

And finally, a photo looking down on the Occupy London protesters.  You can see the empty Paternoster Square where the London Stock Market is located.

On Friday, we’re off to Dubai.  Looking forward to an interesting trip!