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Back in the year 1215, King John granted a charter to the people of the City of London to elect their own mayor.  In return, the King required that the mayor pledge his loyalty to the Crown every year.  Thus began the spectacle that is the Lord Mayor’s Show.  Every year for the past 785+ years, through plague, fire, wars, and insurrections, the Lord Mayor travels in a procession to swear his (or her?) loyalty to the Crown.  On Saturday, Michael and I attended this very old civic celebration.

The parade included lots of horses,

marching bands

bands on horses,

people who like to dress up

livery companies, like the Worshipful Company of Fletchers (arrow makers)

community groups, like the Girl Guides

military units

more horses and coaches

The Lord Mayor's coach

And finally, the Lord Mayor’s coach, which has been used for this event for the past 250 years! Just after I took this photo, the Lord Mayor popped out to wave to us parade-viewers.  Too bad I missed the shot!

It was fun to take part in a very London event!