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Rainbows over London

On Wednesday, the weather was a little strange – lots of quick showers, yet sunny skies, too.  It produced a beautiful double rainbow.  You can barely see the second one in the upper right corner of my photo.  Many local news outlets captured the fleeting image better than I did as you can see here.

The Old Bailey Criminal Court

Yesterday, I went to the Central Criminal Court, otherwise known as the “Old Bailey” (as in “Rumpole of the Bailey”, an old British series about a grumpy defense attorney.)  It provided the opportunity to witness the robes and wigs in action.

After finding the entrance to the visitors’ gallery and going through security, we found the first courtroom that was open.  We were warned, “No talking, whispering, hand gestures, pointing, or note-taking.  You must stay at least 20-30 minutes.” It was a bit confusing as we tried to understand what was happening without knowing anything at all about the case.  We couldn’t see the witness, who seemed to be a detective testifying about photos taken aboard a bus.  We stayed about 40 minutes.  During that time, the questioning dealt primarily with identifying a large number of people aboard the bus.  It was very leading, and there were no objections.  After looking up the cases that were listed in that courtroom, I believe the trial concerned a fatal stabbing that happened in March 2010.

Lady Justice statue atop the "Old Bailey"

It’s a little strange for us to see the barristers wearing their wigs.  I’m glad I wasn’t with my sister because we probably would have started to giggle uncontrollably! 😉